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20 August 2015 @ 10:31 pm

20 August 2014 @ 06:02 pm
 NEW FICTION UPDATES TO white_magazines

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28 April 2011 @ 10:50 pm
The spam my front page is getting is downright cryptically poetic, I swear.

Check that bottom one. Comment title paired with comment field is only too sweet.

14 April 2011 @ 12:36 pm
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27 February 2011 @ 04:45 pm
So, apparently, my mother's not supposed to be paid for the lifetime of work she is doing. She doesn't even deserve to be able to retire modestly. It is breaking my heart to think that next TUESDAY, she might just be out of a job she put her whole energy towards. That I will have to give up some of my wants in life, yes, that sucks, but she will never get back what she put in for so many years.

Because giving corporations enormous tax breaks is more important then letting government workers live decently on the money they earned for forty years, teaching everybody's brain-dead children into things almost capable of wiping their own chins.

And it's Wisconsin's own fault. Voting just to oppose the party that is in power, causing these wild shifts of power like a panicked exchange of a hot potato, is a terrible idea and has put this horrible excuse for an American in office. And now he's stripping down the government workers of whatever sort of security they might have had for their poorly-paying jobs.

"Oh, well, my thumb only weighs a few ounces. If I cut off that to lose weight, that's a good idea, right? Oh, well, you know, I could lose a whole 'nother pound or so If I get rid of these hand things, too!"
20 February 2011 @ 09:54 pm

Guess what!



♥ ! ♥ ! ♥ ! ♥ ! ♥ ! ♥ ! ♥ ! ♥ ! ♥ ! ♥ !

This is historic. Finally, after so, so, so, so many times of being robbed of proper snow days in my childhood, the kids and college students of our stalwart state are rewarded with an unanimous day of freedom! And it only took the largest storm EVER - according to the totally accurate fact book of my heart and soul. Keep the bikes locked up and the mini-vans in the garage, professors! Let the nothing-doing begin!
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19 January 2011 @ 07:38 pm
(Comics!edition #1)

If you like funny history (because that stuff is a lot more fucked up than you might think) GO READ ALL OF THESE NOW. It's killing me how awesome this is and no one made me read it? Victorian tragedy! Drawn and Quarterly's putting out a collected book later this year.

Hark! A Vagrant

And some short dream comics by sockefeller because they are the best I've read so far at capturing that unexplainable logical oddity to dreams.
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First, had Screenwriting with Tom Pope. WHICH IS AWESOME. He is an incredibly eloquent man and passionate and contagiously intelligent. I don't know how I'd forgotten, but it was nice to talk to him again. And he remembers me from previous classes and talked to me over break about track and field and the dinky place in Wisconsin we both live in. Which is always a good feeling. I was also designated to lights and dimmed them as queued when we watched parts of The Day of the Jackal, The Electric Horseman, Close Encounters, and Last Action Hero

If I can spent my last semester here just spending time with people I enjoy talking to, I think that's a much bigger, wholloping success than previous ones I spent nodding and yessing to people I couldn't stand because I was in the habit of condoning bullshit with silence, for one thing.

Then, I went to go visit Tom Kacyznski before he had class today, and turns out Barb is subbing today. So I said hello to Barb instead, and we talked about break and how neither of us really recalled much of it. She because sadly, both her elderly dog Abby and her aging cat, which I know had been with her since she was in college, both had to be put down. Near Christmas, no less. That's sad, and I can empathize. The few hours I spent thinking Howl was dead/gone forever, I was a rotten mess, and I'm not even as much of a cat person as her. Poor babies, they will be missed. ♥

Oh, and on Monday Dickerson came across a really old post from my first semester about me being confused about his class. Well, he said it was his wife, so I'll post again WITHOUT F-LOCK, just to clear up anything that might seem, well, unseemly. GREG DICKERSON IS A WONDERFUL TEACHER AND A FUNNY, VERY NICE GUY. (He even gave me a copy of an exclusive Tim Fite halloween track and introduced me to the Hold Steady, so that already was worth my affection.) 

And also, SOMEONE now has a studio near me. Oh overjoyment and frivolity. Continues to talk about shitty music and watch anime when she claims to have come to do work. BUT. NOT NEW IN ANY FORM. I EXPECT IT TO CONTINUE IN FACT.

But a "kid" I like, Danielle, has a studio behind me. I'm kind of excited to have another kewl person who likes komics here. The only person in my immediate block of studios is a D-BAG who thinks he's immensely better than anyone because he codes. (And he's apparently too good for cheap, black coffee. Gonna be "TOO RICH.")

And I know I keep making these posts about, "blah blah children who get an arts education," this and "blah blah children who get an arts education," that (and I issue another forthright apology as I type), but--yeah, whatever. This is supposed to be my honest forum, or something.

So, "the kids." It's what I call, and alternating from with affection to derision at times, the people who entered into the comic BFA program below me, usually two years below. Or, to people, who, notwithstanding their actual position in credits, act like annoying newcomers. I like some of them something fierce. Mostly those who actually love and sacrifice for this art form/lifestyle/inoperable affliction called cartooning. 

Others, I don't. That's limited to a few, who mostly get on my nerves with their behavior and flippancy towards this place and this art.

The kids in general, they have an interesting idea of my professor Zak, who I consider one of, if not the person I look up to most and kind of just a great guy to know. I'd say I know him just as well as any of my other professors, since I've been in classes with him ever since that very first day he walked into Media and Concepts, looking like he could be a student until he plopped down at the front. Gave me lots of good advice and old machines and all that. The other funny thing is that I really liked his artwork before I ever knew him personally, so TECHNICALLY I am not one of the sycophantic "kids" who constantly name drop him in the halls. I guess I could be a little sycophantic, but... no one's perfect. AND I DIDN'T KNOW HE WAS EVEN Zak of Sally fame until class 3 or something of that class.  SO, HA.

(and I also can remember the exact moment of forming my first impression of other professors, like Barb, and even what she was wearing. Which is slightly creepy sounding, but it was like a country hick coming into the lights and beauty of civilization and having the images of buildings burnt into my memory - but perhaps that's another entry all together, my debts to and adoration of and affection for these artists/people, as much as I mention it)

The kids were discussing his appearance on TPT, which I'm sure the poor man has heard enough about, and talking about, "Oh, he seemed so FORCEDLY RESERVED (I'm paraphrasing to sound more intelligent) and he didn't SWEAR, OMG. IT WASN'T HIM AT ALL."

(And apparently he has a reputation as something of, "An asshole," around the student body who hasn't met him. Which is really, really, really wrong and kind of indicates the standards of a venerable person of the student body to me.)

Which reinforces to me the idea that kids only like him as a professor for his propensity to curse, get overly excitable and jump up on to a chair and point, and raise his voice. WHICH CAN BE CONTAGIOUS, like mass hysteria. But he is a human being and doesn't shout all the time (and is also quiet and a little withdrawn and stares at walls and isn't a machine that only communicates in cusses). WHICH MAYBE THEY DON'T KNOW BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO BUSY SAYING "FEUCK" as an overly punctuating sentence decoration, like valley children who have just discovered the word.

Which is annoying. 

(And they love to make loud obnoxious noises and proclamation of how much they ironically love something. Which is getting old to me, as well.)


MY LOVE FOR ART WILL SUSTAIN ME THROUGH YOUR INCESSANT CHATTER. Because, for better or worse, I'm a cartoonist and I'll die with a hammer in my hand before I quit.
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09 January 2011 @ 05:04 pm
So, I begin looking up guitars, Fenders specifically, for research for my senior project and then I look at bass guitars, and then mandolins, and then researching what my favorite guitarists play, then looking for the specific model that Hakura had in FLCL! (which is a motherufcking Rickenbacker 4001 LEFTY, blue) then looking for icons to properly express how GODDAMN MUCH I WISH I COULD PLAY SO I COULD HAVE THESE BEAUTIFUL BABIES in my possession, in my home. UGH. That began hours ago. Guitar pron! coming your way, wotcher!

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And of course, Haruka's bass. How could I resist? And look, it's already in bed, waiting for me... To stare at it.
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